Western Foundations of the Caste System: a conversation

The Indian caste system is an ancient, pervasive institution of social organization within the subcontinent – or is it? Dr. Prakash Shah (Reader in Culture and Law at Queen Mary, University of London, UK) speaks to Dr. Raj Balkaran, the host of the series New Books in Hindu Studies, about his co-edited work, Western Foundations of the Caste System (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). Ranging from ancient Indian history to modern British law, the contributions to this book advance a provocative thesis, namely, that what we refer to as Indian caste is more a function of Western Christian encounters with India than anything historically occurring on Indian soil.  Could this be the case? Could the caste system constitute a projection born of Western interpretive bias rather than an ancient Indian indigenous social institution? You can hear the conversation at this link.

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