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Western Foundations of the Caste System: a conversation for New Books in Hindu Studies

The Indian caste system is an ancient, pervasive institution of social organization within the subcontinent – or is it? Dr. Prakash Shah (Reader in Culture and Law at Queen Mary, University of London, UK) speaks to Dr. Raj Balkaran, the host … Continue reading

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Foundations of the Caste System

In caste studies today there is certainty about the existence of a caste system in India. This certainty extends to the existence of such a system in the Indian diaspora. However, whenever an assessment is attempted as to what the … Continue reading

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An evangelical agenda abroad

In this article, published in the Daily Pioneer, 11 March 2016, Prakash Shah argues that India has done well to deny visas to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). The full article can be read here:

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Intellectuals and the Indian traditions

Indian traditions are not infrequently called into question, critiqued, stereotyped, suppressed and negatively affected in many other ways. In fact, one may say that it is a general part of the experience of someone who follows the Indian traditions. The … Continue reading

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UK caste discrimination legislation: Implications for Indian community organisations

The Equality Act 2010 creates a potential new ground of legal action for discrimination on grounds of ‘caste’. Section 9(5) of the Equality Act provides the power to make a statutory instrument for caste to be “an aspect of race”. … Continue reading

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Toleration: Opportunities and Strains of a Historic European Ideal

Read here: Synergy Magazine of the European Law Students’ Association, No. 56  

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