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Western Foundations of the Caste System: A discussion on Meru Media

In this podcast interview, Prakash Shah speaks to Mukunda and Racchit about the caste system and its conceptual foundations in the Western world. We discuss the idea of the caste system and how it was developed through the West’s engagement … Continue reading

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Enduring religion in the Kashmir conflict

That the conflict over Kashmir is religious seems self-evident to most people who care to talk about it. Opposing sides fundamentally agree the conflict has a religious character. US President Trump may have summed it up when he said, “Kashmir … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Shalini Sharma

Dear Dr. Shalini Sharma, Your article ‘Hindutva and historical revisionism’ has been described as an “excellent piece” by Dr. Priyamvada Gopal, Reader in Anglophone and Related Literature at Cambridge University. Journalist and historian, Andrew Whitehead, praised it as an “important … Continue reading

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Can the freedom of religion be a universal human rights idea?

Given the religious, and specifically Protestant, conditions of possibility and conditions of intelligibility of the idea of religious freedom, and the concept cluster to which it belongs, this presentation questions how it could possibly be claimed as a global human … Continue reading

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Harvesters of death as saviours

In this article, published in the Daily Pioneer on 24 February 2016, Prakash Shah examines the responses of an international team of academics who lent their support to the student protesters at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi. While … Continue reading

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Are Academics for Peace?

It’s not often that I have to defend myself against personal attacks by fellow academics, overwhelmingly made behind my back, the existence of which has since been brought to my attention. Yet it has come to this point within a … Continue reading

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Hindus and their vested interests: Caste and the National Secular Society

On 21 December 2014, the Sunday Times newspaper printed an article by the title “Cameron ‘blocks ban on caste bias’”. The article cites unnamed senior Whitehall sources who say that David Cameron has blocked a proposal to extend the discrimination … Continue reading

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UK caste discrimination legislation: Implications for Indian community organisations

The Equality Act 2010 creates a potential new ground of legal action for discrimination on grounds of ‘caste’. Section 9(5) of the Equality Act provides the power to make a statutory instrument for caste to be “an aspect of race”. … Continue reading

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Toleration: Opportunities and Strains of a Historic European Ideal

Read here: Synergy Magazine of the European Law Students’ Association, No. 56  

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