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Dear Dr. Shalini Sharma

Dear Dr. Shalini Sharma, Your article ‘Hindutva and historical revisionism’ has been described as an “excellent piece” by Dr. Priyamvada Gopal, Reader in Anglophone and Related Literature at Cambridge University. Journalist and historian, Andrew Whitehead, praised it as an “important … Continue reading

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Is Yoga Hindu?

In this article, Chaitra, MS and Prakash Shah argue that the claim, “Yoga is Hindu”, creates more problems than it solves as it leads us into the blind alley of identity politics. The full article can be read at this … Continue reading

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Foundations of the Caste System

In caste studies today there is certainty about the existence of a caste system in India. This certainty extends to the existence of such a system in the Indian diaspora. However, whenever an assessment is attempted as to what the … Continue reading

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“There’s content even in the movement”: Yoga in California Schools

A case arose recently in the San Diego Superior Court challenging the teaching of yoga classes to school children. In Sedlock vs. Timothy Baird Superintendent, some parents who claimed their children were being subjected to harassment, discrimination, and segregation based … Continue reading

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